How can I buy/sell items?

First, you have to be a member of Buy Wow Gold as we need to make sure that you are a credible player. Your account will be rated every time you make a transaction whether you buy or sell items. You will simply have to post the item you want to sell, and other players will bid for your item.

What will happen if I got scammed by other players?

This is the reason why Buy WOW gold exist. We are a medium to your transactions. As long as the transaction is made within our platform you’ll get your side of the bargain. We also process dispute and refund if necessary.

Is it really cheaper to buy gold from other players or your site instead of buying gold tokens?

Relatively yes. Gold tokens value is under the rule of demand and supply. It’s hard to predict when is the cheapest to buy, and when the prices will spike. The beauty of buying gold from players through Buy WOW gold is the stability of the prices.

Can I cancel the deal just in case I found a buyer who has a higher bid?

Before you make the transaction or make a deal, there will be a disclaimer stating that the deal is final and irrevocable. We encourage all sellers to make sure that they are good with the bid before checking out because once the deal is made, you have to stand by it.

Is this for the low-level players as well?

Buy WOW Gold is for everyone from different levels. If you are just a starter and want to increase the speed of your character’s level, then the more help you will need from Buy WOW Gold. However, if you are a high-level player, the gold requirement will increase. So it doesn’t matter what level you are.

Aside from selling WOW Gold, do you have other services?

Yes. We do have boosting services catered to players who need assistance on difficult quests. For more information, please contact us.